Travellers Sites

We found these useful


We will add to these as we go


A few which might help


  • Tracksinafrica – Travellers site with some cooking hints for campfire

Equipment suppliers

We include a few we found useful/ helpful, but there’s loads out there, so  they can do their own advertising!  In some cases you need to shop around as prices vary hugely

  • Quecha tents – Suppliers of tents, awnings etc all good stuff
  • Field and Trek – commercial site for clothes and equipment generally



2 thoughts on “LINKS, INFO, APPENDICES etc

  1. Hi Guys!
    Loving your website!
    We set off in July 2012 from UK to SA.
    We are struggling with budgets etc and were wondering if you could let us know roughly how much you would suggest for 6 months.

    Reading the above, its a difficult question to answer! Any advice you might have on budets etc would be really appreciated.

    Bryn and Gemma

    • hi

      Emma deleted a few of your comments by mistake – i think you asked about tents Vs Popups – All i know is popups are very expensive – you will soon get hang of tents – trust me- no need to do fiddly bottom strap everyday space is good also.
      Main thing is ventilation its VERY hot here at night and stuffy so also consider retained heat a popup might give you its amazing how much hotter it is near/ in a vehicle after hard day on road. landy footwells ge very hot so insulate if you can.
      as for budgets depends on you really sometimes incredibly cheap othertimes in cities got to be hotels. Visas all add up as well – i think conventional wisdom is £60 to £100 a day on road –