We had a look at obtaining these and like everyone else decided to get them on route as there’s no practical alternative. Angola remains the biggest question mark, it seems that the only way is a 5 day transit visa at the border, which some say you can extend once in the country.

In the info section, I have included a table of embassies/ consulates etc with contacts, etc in the UK and in counties we anticipate obtaining them. I can’t vouch for the accuracy as the more you look the more differences appear but hopefully it might help a bit


Nothing too rigid, we have a basic idea but assume this will vary as we go.

The Theoretical route

GPS & Maps

Paper maps will be the usual Michelin series with compass.We will be using a Garmin nuLink 1695 GPS, as it has a good screen plus blue tooth connectivity to a laptop. We will be using Tracks for Africa ( T4A) mapping, which although not a full map, will hopefully suit our needs,  albeit that outside South and East Africa ,coverage is limited. Google Earth will also be used.

A useful bit of software is Garmin Basecamp ( previously known as Mapsource). Its a freebie, but difficult to find a manual on at the moment, Basecamp is the best  I have come across. If you are not used to it I found it took a bit of practice but seems worth it in the end. you can plan/ plot your route then upload to your GPS, it allows you to switch to Google Earth view as well, assuming you have a link. Working off line is possible but relies on the cache in GE. I looked at ways of improving this and although there is something out there called GEV  ( a freebie) I could not get it to work. Garmin offers Birdseye, a subscription service satellite image, but it seems to exclude Africa at moment

We will be logging our route with a view to sending it to T4A in due course and will post waypoints etc, as we go, hopefully including campsites, points of interest etc.


It seems that it’s ATMs and cash from what other travellers say. Previously it was thought  that dollars and euros were the best option, it will be interesting to see what the current reaction is to euros.

Carnet de passage

This is essentially,a passport for the car,for everyone taking a vehicle across Africa. This document allows you to import a vehicle into a country temporarily without paying customs duty,which in some cases can be many times it’s  actual value.

The Carnet must be issued by an authority in the country where the vehicle is registered. (The RAC)





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    • hi
      sorry for delay internet not good so limited time
      we just use a garmin nuvi as it has big screen but can be used as handheld also. use it with garmin basecamp software to upload routes etc from collected waypoints and tracks4africa = well worth the cash but limited in info in west africa.
      In South africa you can now ge gigital africa maps but watch as theydont work with current models i believe which is bizzare.
      Practice with basecamp – its a bit odd i find.