Entered Malawi at last, drove to capital Lilongwe, stocked up on supplies but shops still limited ,in what’s available,spent the night in Sanctuary Lodge, rather strange as you are only a kilometre outside the capital as it,s in a patch of virgin bush and surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary with monkeys squawking and the odd lion roaring.

Headed south to Liwonde NP on the Shire (pronounced Sheeray) had our usual run in with Elephants on way in -we do seem to attract them ,followed by our sixth puncture, large chunk of wood through the brand new tyre. Pit -stop repair by Safari guides ,who stopped to help,gave their tourists something to watch! Michael did help a bit. Ended up on lovely camp complete with Warthogs and our Grey friends.

Completely different scenery,varied all the way,from gigantic Baobabs, Palm trees, Fever trees to beautiful woodlands.


Next morning went on a boat trip. After getting on boat and untying, the guide pointed out our first point of interest, I turned around and saw an almighty Crocodile, which we just had not noticed, he had clearly and luckily for us had ,had an enormous breakfast and was dosing quite peacefully on the bank. I have to say I nearly pooped my pants- Michael laughed a lot.

Big Lad






He had had a bit more than a full english breakfast as you can see

Then we discovered that,a South African research team had netted one that measured over 17 ft and 27 people had been eaten by croc’s last year. Birds and beast’s everywhere on banks of river, Hippo, Elephant and Crocodiles in particular



Headed North to Cape     Maclear(Lake Malawi) Africa’s only marine national park and world heritage site, found a beautiful camping spot right on the beach,had a great time ,watched a local football match in the sweltering heat,obviously a huge event, with many spectators.

Notice narrow slit – you sit on the edge of these ones – stops the waves coming in but does your bum no favours

Michael went fishing in a Dug- out Canoe,failed to catch our supper and ended up with a serious stiff neck the next day from all the paddling !

Fishing Village Cape Mclear

Amazing sunsets, a very chilled and peaceful spot.

We are loving Malawi,especially the people,who are very warm and friendly and the extraordinary variations in scenery,which we hadn’t been expecting. Now heading for Nyika.

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