new photos well last lot

forgot to “share” last lot of various parks – now should be visible .More soon internet permitting. See photo page link still cant work out how to do it properly.

3 thoughts on “new photos well last lot

  1. Hi mike & Emma what bloody good idea to get out and do something out of the box and into a tent. Bumped into Pete James and Emma in holland last week and they told us of your adventure so gonna bug you from now on. Love the flintstones you actually look somewhat menacing with a machete ……:). Don’t forget to always go in through the out door and the 14th feb club. Looking forward to the next batch if pics and continued flogging or whatever it is called have fun as always Paul& Carine

  2. Hi mike & Emma second post as I’m not sure what happened to the first …..?????? Bumped into Pete James and mandy in holland and told me you had found something interesting to do ….. What an effin” good idea you certainly make a good flintstone. Emma do you let him okay with sharp instruments at his age! Long live the 14th feb club look forward to continued flogging see you Paul and Carine bennett

  3. Mike & Emma, Im not sure im doing this posting comments correctly, never seem to be able to find them back. anyway great pics, great adventure have fun

    Paul and Carine Bennett