McBrides Camp

Mcbrides camp

Lovely place, very wild,miles from anywhere. Chris and Charlotte,the owner’s/hosts very hospitable, both acknowledged experts on Lions in particular having published several books on Lion behaviour. We also met Roger Burrows and Jan Corlett who coincidentally live in Manaton in South Devon. They have spent manyl years studying Wild dogs in the Serengeti. See if you are interested.Roger again being the foremost authority in his field.

Chris McBride – guide and very bad poet!! Setting camera trap on path used by large male lion

Went for a walking safari with Chris,which was very informative and enjoyable. On the walk we were lucky enough to see a family of Bush-pigs, which was very unusual as they are nocturnal. Also saw a large Bull Elephant,which we gave a wide birth, as they can be a bit temperamental due to years of poaching. Finished the walk near a spring,where Chris’s scout/ranger, who had accompanied us, saw the Elephant approaching the spring,we walked down the road to meet the open topped safari jeep that was to pick us up,got in the jeep and drove back to try and spot Elephant. Suddenly, out of nowhereand 50 metres away from us the Elephant came charging out of the bush ,trumpeting ,ears flapping, dust flying, an awesome sight, he turned briefly away, then charged again,stopping just 20 metres away. Huge and rather scary,got a few photo’s though, before panic set in !! Thankfully we were in a large car, although I’m not sure this would actually have saved us ! Not good for the heart , nervous system ,or indeed underwear but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

He was huge and angry

Very angry indeed

Back at camp ,saw a pod of Hippo’s, including a baby ahh!


The only one’s in camp again, Michael constantly referring to bird books due to the huge numbers and variety, I’m told these include Bohms Bee Eater and a Black backed Barbet which doesn’t appear in South African bird books, as this is the southern limit of it’s range, Michael and Chris seemed to like this ……me, well I’m just worried he’s starting to twitch !

Decided to experiment with The Potjie (traditional Afrikaner, cast iron ,cooking pot) Michael in charge of bread and me a stew,…….extremely hot fire resulted in incinerated loaf in about 20 minutes(he had planned on about 40 mins ,which would have resulted in nuclear fission, however ,I saved the world!

The bread after the nuclear reaction

The stew ,however was marvellous,slow cooked, having adjusted the fire (nuclear reactor) included Brad and Ruth (Nanzhila plains manager’s) secret recipe chill sauce, which we now eat with everything ,thank-you Brad !

Left after two day’s for Lusaka as beer supplies running critically low and fridge battery given up due to lack of movement over past few day’s. Lusaka we like, have stocked up and now off to South Luangwa National Park.

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