Kafue National Park

Kafue (kafoo eh)

Stocked up, headed North into Kafue park ,which is huge ,the size of Wales ,going to the very remote Nanzhila camp in the south of the park. Lovely drive,proper sandy bush tracks,nearest neighbours three hours away and we are the only ones here. Went for a drive the next day,saw a variety of animals including two sub- species that only exist here ,Lichtenstein’s Haartebeest and a fully white bottomed water buck as opposed to a ring bottomed. Eight pairs of Wattled crane ,of which there are only two thousand in the whole of Africa and two Saddled billed storks, which are four feet tall and again very rare/endangered.

wattled cranes

Animals very skittish, having been heavily poached in the past ,but now hopefully recovering.

Did not see another person or car all day and I drove for a while in some quite deep sand ,until I was quite quickly replaced, by my rather unhappy passenger.(who as my replacement was a rather lousy photographer,it has to be said)

Now heading North,to other area’s which are different again.

Lovely drive on proper African style tracks,serious dust, so fine it blows up before you get to it and you’ve got to stop before you can see again. Drove to Hippo Bay(Konkamoya lodge)which was being refurbished ,but stayed in magnificent location on Lake Itezhi-tezhi. the Italian owner Andrei was charming,

a hippo – emmas arty shot

well it is called hippo camp

left the following morning for Kaingu camp were we are currently residing, by the Kafue river, very picturesque,rapids, granite boulders,the only campers here,once more part owned and run by a lovely Aussie couple ,who were relieved we had spare loo rolls for their lodge guests, as it’s five hours to nearest shop and supplies are low !

On the way had a monetary exchange problem,bought a few goods in local shop, offered a few notes in Kwacha which was received with shrieks of laughter,I misunderstood the situation and thought she didn’t have enough change,so added more goods to the pile ,then Michael commented that I’d only offered to pay her one penny,for the lot, I should have learnt because the previous day ,I’d argued with a guy over 500 Kwacha per Banana,when Michael said don’t argue, it’s only seven pennies….it just seems such a lot and what with me being a complete dimwit and all !

The camp here is wonderful, once more on the banks of the river, this evening whilst cooking our nosh,a couple of Bush buck casually wandered up,amusing us for some time,Michael very excited about going fishing tomorrow,with a local guy and we are going on a boat/canoe trip up the river. It is so beautifully wild and unrestricted here,with no- one around, Michael in his element,it really is Africa as you hoped it would be.

A lady bushbuck – regular visitor

All the people we’ve met here in Zambia have been extremely well mannered, polite and charming ,even though they have so little,it really is a fantastic place to be. We love it !


Kafue river- boat trip

Set off, joined by two lovely female Dutch bird watching fanatics ,which proved very useful from Michael’s prospective!As a result with them and a guide we saw amongst other things, Finfoot,Thick knees and a Purple crested Turcao (spectacular colours, but impossible to photograph)which got the bird ladies very excited,me,slightly bemused to say the least.

Surreal scenery ,with granite boulders, channels etc,also saw plenty of Hippo’s and Crocs elusive and camera shy! Lucky enough to see a Water Monitor at least a metre long(big lizard )many Antelope on the banks of river-yet another fantastic place.

the river – loads of channels all different

happy hippos

Off tomorrow to local town, a few hours drive ,to re-fuel/supply,then to Mcbrides camp in the North of the park.


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