Rhino Walk

Got up early,arrived in good time ,being keen, but not sure what we would see. Met with guide ,the only other person was a young guy from Ecuador, based in Cyprus but his business was in Africa ?! A nice guy. Off we went ,walked for some time ,examining shit as we went,including Giraffe’s which is made into necklaces in some places as it’s hard and looks likes beans- but apparently not to be worn in the shower or swimming pool !

White Rhino’s oxidises black in colour ,similar in size to Elephants,(instead of brown) and looks like grass clippings as opposed to Elephant stuff,which is twiggy ,much rougher and contains fruit, seeds, etc.

Saw several other beasts and eventually came across Rhino,saw one at first then two and realised three ,a mother ,her “sixteenth month baby” and the senior male of the area ,who was huge and had survived being shot several years before hand. Dad was playing with his son Mum not too happy !! grunting and pushing him so he lay down.


Happy Family

Eventually we got within thirty feet ,looking down from a bank on the trio. Dad gave up after some grunting from Mother,she moved a few feet away and laid down so the baby could suckle, which at this age is the only way, with the baby’s horn that they can do it.

Baby rhino

We were right there ,hearts racing,it was truly amazing, a once in a lifetime experience,which I believe can only be done here,worth all the miles and hassle alone.Thanks to Nathan ,the scout and Mauren the guide.

the intrepid photoghrapher

2 thoughts on “Rhino Walk

  1. Hello, my business partner and I are planning a similar trip for charity in 2014, I am having trouble finding any financial information about overland trips, I will be travelling uk to south Africa for virgin money/ virgin unite charities, but need to get a trip plan/plan of action together to approach sponsors and some idea of trip costs would be great. Kind regards a fellow dreamer (hopefully reality) adi

    • Hi
      very difficult depends on route/ lifestyle etc generally i would say $60 – $100 a day but it will vary country to country depending on distances travelled etc. Visa are expensive and note in West africa are increasingly only available in country of origin with limited duration. This is getting tighter/ changes by the day hence our strange route. With Mali out of the picture its tricky – worst of all is Angola .
      I will try to post a general blog on West Africa stuff. ATMs everywhere within reason so some dollars / euros and Visa – other cards not generally accepted.

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