Zambia – Victoria falls

Having rather rushed through Namibia and Botswana,both of which were fantastic(we shall be returning later for more) we are now in Zambia. Border crossing at Kasungula no problem,in fact very efficient and have found a rather special place to stay called Bushbuck river House on the banks of Zambezi,have decided to stay as it’s so beautiful,peaceful and relaxing !(well, for two or three nights anyway)

Played tourists today and went to Victoria Falls,attacked by Baboons in the car park,Michael drove off with one still on the roof, whilst trying to make off with the wing mirror! ( I refused to get in )

The Falls were quite spectacular,but impossible to get good photo’s of with my rather novice camera skills,however not as many tourists as we were expecting, managed to get suitably wet,a small bridge we walked across, with serious drop on either side,gave me the weebie-jeebies…..I was not happy !!


Made a brief visit to Livingstone, Michael drew out 2,million from bank (Kwacha) we’re in the money again!! if only….

Planning our tour of Zambia ,whilst relaxing in such lovely surroundings,Hippo grunting around the roof tent last night…..well I think that’s what the strange noises were !! Big croc on opposite side of local channel of Zambezi, Previous owner of the house here was eaten by one which was captured and is now in local reptile park – named Bismark. Current owners have lost a dog to one as well. Local buffalo visit us at  night, plus Bush buck and waterbuck.

Booked a rhino walk for the morning we are on the edge of a small NP – Known to be 5 white rhinos there 3 of which have young inc one tiddler which we are dying to see. Some Americans who went this morning loved it so much they are going again this PM – got up to 30m away which would be nice to do. They have an armed guard because poachers killed most of  last lot and wounded one who has sired the 3 new ones  so he’s recovered well.

6 thoughts on “Zambia – Victoria falls

  1. You are seeing Africa at its best! All so beautiful. Should you go to Kariba…do yourselves a favour and hire a houseboat for a couple of days…it is just wonderful. I think Michael like to fish…they will take him tiger fishing. Lovely to hear that the border crossing was a breeze after all you have been through. Keep having fun guys…Peter is living vicariously through your blog. xxx

  2. Are you going to Malawi ? If you are and hit Dwanga there is a brilliant lodge, Ngala Beach Lodge, run by our dear friends Sandi & Chris, they are a fantastic couple, they also allow camping, if you do please tell them that Anne & Ian told you to and say hi, also further up the lake there is Chitimba Camp, run by our Dutch friends Ed and Carmen, you can’t miss it, its not far from the Livingstonia Turnoff, also the Mushroom Farm up at Livingstonia is good for camping, at all cost avoid Sangilo Beach Lodge. Have fun in Zambia it’s a great country. Safe Trundling Anne

    • hi
      can i ask why avoid Sangilo – told it was great? is it of domestic nature?? which was hinted might be forthcoming?