Skeleton Coast and on

Skeleton Coast

Having left Etosha we decided to head for skeleton coast only the southern bit is accessible ,we arrived after driving though fantastic scenery ( bit like Arizona in USA flat topped mountains the remains of old lava flows this being one of the oldest geological areas in the world I believe) only to find we could not progress that dayas it was after 3 and there are safety concerns, camped overnight there – free site basic but OK very desert like and left early next day.

the beast

Park proper 150k is as you have seen on TV – not many wrecks as they break up quickly. You exit the park then enter another where recreation – fishing etc is allowed.

Stopped at cape cross seal reserve – as seen on TV 80, 000 plus seals and cubs but the smell and noise are unbelievable But so cute!! I am told I wanted to seen rare brown hyenas eating the poorly ones ( no joy) but Emma took about 3 million pictures!


some of them – there were lots!!!

Remind you Of Anyone?

Then on to Swakopmund bit odd very new, obviously booming stayed the night in very posh campsite – own shower, WC etc that would put most UK hotels to shame. Next day headed for top end of Namib national park this bits rocky big sand dunes etc are further south. Again fantastic geology -superlatives cannot be overused here.

Road to and from nowhere – marvelous!

Looked up a camping place called Rooiklip – well off beaten track (which is in fact not beaten at all) stayed on a plot , one of 3, essentially a semi cave with a view to die for and so quiet I cannot begin to describe it. So we booked another day. People running it were nicely batty, loved landrovers, were rearing a Gemsbok (oryx) serious horns already, kept 30 odd tortoises, a biting zebra , meerkats– just our cup of tea really.

Rooiklip miles from anywhere

The Flinstones ?


Road to Windhoek again nice ending on plains, instead of rabbits by roadside they have warthogs, found a garage that had some spares so got suspension back – travelling in comfort for first time in ages. Did some shopping – even me first time in nearly 30 years.

the next episode – lovely ! ahhghh!


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  1. Hi Guys
    Have been following you with interest with your Angola epic ! We have been to Namibia numerous times and love it, did you find Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek, just awesome and the food is amazing, so hope you did, also love the VERY BEST LAGER in the world Windhoek of course ! Where are you going from Namibia – Botswana maybe, if you go to Gaborone look up the Bull and Bush Pub and we have friends in Gabs too, if you need a helping hand email me and I will have John contact you, he’s a great guy and a Brit has his own haulage company so knows plenty of people. Safe Travels

    • hi
      thanks for interest – we are going to malawi now then back down to botswana/ namibia will let you know if we need help

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