Green turtles,Big Milly’s Backyard,Accra and beyond?

Have moved south now to Ghana’s coast where we are camping on a beautiful stretch of beachwith palm trees, white sand and surf, for us its a break from the intense heat we’ve been experiencing ,although its extremely humid and our glasses keep steaming up, but at least the strong sea breeze is keeping us cool, particularly at night.

suffer oh cold ones



Green Turtle Lodge (where we are staying ) is run by a young English couple,who are leaving and going back to Cornwall after 9 years here, having obviously made a great success of it.

Our House

Certainly its a great place to relax and the car needed a few minor repairs ,as the roads getting here were so bad (100 kms of serious potholes) things start pinging and popping off right left and centre ! As for my kitchen, it gets seriously rearranged everytime we’re on the road from the bumpity bumping, tin cans get dented, jars unscrew themselves,anything non-stick is now extremely stick-stick and it all just ends up in one big mess and needs constant reorganising,but hey-ho,we were as prepared for this as we could have been and there’s   not a lot you can do to prevent it.

A Room With A view


Heading to Accra next to try and get visa’s for Nigeria,this could prove interesting,

wev’e been told and we may have to hang around for a few day’s , before obtaining them, so fingers crossed Have had mixed reports on Nigeria itself, and will be aiming to move swiftly through,firstly though we go to Togo and Benin, but can hopefully get visa’s for these at the borders . Signing off now as no internet to post this,will continue tomorrow.

Spoilt For Choice - Part of Kumasi Shoe market wall display


We had a massive tropical storm in the wee hours of this morning, woken up by the worryingly loud thunder and spectacular lightning,the winds then picked up and the torrential rain began,we were rocking to and fro ,the awning came undone ,starting to crash about and the ropes tied themselves in masses of knots as we later discovered when we finally emerged from our soggy weather beaten roof-tent. All fun and games , though I have to say it was quite scary, I think everything seems worse in total darkness !.Now the sun is out again and drying things out very quickly,which is a bonus. It is the start of the rainy season here in Ghana and in fact many other West African countries, so I fear we have plenty more of that to come !

Trying to call Laura today, as it is her Birthday,but failing miserably,so I’m sad about that……..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!! Hope you are having a great day and I’ll make sure Dad puts a few quids in your account asap !!

Another one for Toby


Now in Accra, having spent a very noisy weekend in Big Milly’s back yard camping in amongst some serious reggae extravaganza,with loud,but very good bands playing until the early hours, lots of dancing and general booty shaking,luckily I managed to restrain Michael,as I felt this was better left to the locals and young volunteers (feeling our age I think)


Our passports are now with The Nigerian Embassy,the visa’s are 200 dollar’s each….crazy money,but has to be done and we will hopefully collect them tomorrow.

The traffic in Accra is fairly horrendous and we spent much of yesterday(whilst looking for the Embassy) sitting in traffic,whilst Michael loathes this, I could quite happily do all my shopping from the comfort of my own car seat,as the sellers weave in and out of the cars,with all their wears on their heads selling anything and everything from food and drinks,spare parts for cars, telephones, rolls of carpet, the list goes on,but at least it’s quite entertaining,while sitting in traffic(even if we don’t need carpet for our Landrover House !)


3 thoughts on “Green turtles,Big Milly’s Backyard,Accra and beyond?

  1. Tis a hard life!! Loved the photos – so glad all is going well. We are having one endless tropical storm here in Britain!

  2. Wow!! I just found your site and spent the last hour or so reading it. I want more, this is amazing. Loads of love xxx

  3. The photo’s would be just perfect for a travel agents brochure,so long as they didn,nt have to include the method of transport,for all those following .this We have just had a chat withM&E on skype ,looking a bit hung-over due,if you can believe it ! their FIRST bottle of wine,the next elephants they see will be reported as flying.

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