Ghana and Mole Park

On we went across to Ghana, nice drive across country through villages before joining a main dirt road. Border crossing very simple. Seemed strange to be talking English again we both keep breaking into our tragic frainglais.

Local Village - styles vary quite a lot

Stayed in a small hotel in Wa, then on to Mole National Park the next day. Lovely site, still allow camping and we are only ones here. Restaurant bar and pool on escarpment overlooking waterhole and forest – such hard work!!. warthogs and bushbuck next to where we were sitting at poolside with other beasts in valley below, Cob antelope by tent plus group of bushbuck. Something quite big seems to live under a tent platform nearby – warthog hole I think?

Up at 6:00am this morning,met our very interesting and informative guide called Ozzy, saw many beasts ,various Antelope, Cob ,Bushbuck, Waterbuck ,two types of croc and Elephants (a group of eight males) having an early morning swim, a hundred photo’s later we returned,to our camp ,I was having a sort out in the car and Michael was having a little snooze, the next thing I know ,I’m being attacked by Monkey’s (red/brown Patas) from all directions,they had found a Mango skin and that was it,I was screaming at Michael to come rescue me,which he did,but by this time they were running off with all sorts. This was not the last of the monkeys ,as later in the day another huge one ( actually a baboon) came, opened up our “Really Useful Plastic Box” which was shut tight and made off with, can you believe, our very last bag of chicken flavoured crisps. (horror of horrors!)

Since then a family of Warthogs have been helping me do the washing and causing great amusement !

Our Campmates


Patas Mother stealing rubbish - our fault


View from campsite/lodge

male cob antelope


4 thoughts on “Ghana and Mole Park

  1. Hi Mike and Emma,
    Hope all is well with you. Just found your site and am greatly impressed!! Photos I have seen so far look great! You inspire! Lots of love to you both. Can’t wait to show Jimmy your story so far. Tricia xxx

  2. Well the route shows great imagination !!! – i would have naturally thought to have kept to the coast road – or actually probably just purchased a first class air ticket London Malawi – but this route means i am becoming increasingly in awe of you both – do you plan to arrive Malawi 2012 or 2013 though??!!! – Well done – so far !!!! – Much activity at hotel in Devon – which is code for I have sent you an email – and whilst on the subject of hotels I assume that you are checking Mrs R in for at a night of luxury and running water every 7 days !!!! – ciao – Peter

  3. You are going along very well….the posts are much more relaxed in tone somehow….I think you are getting into the swing of Africa ;)) All looks and sounds amazing and I am with everyone else who commented, in awe of you guys doing this. Travel safely. Fiona xx

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