The Legend Grows



Left after picking up visas heading for Ranch de Nazinga on the Ghana border, got there Ok paid our fees entered parc heading for camp 20 k away and again more elephants.We clearly have talent here!!.


greeted on arrival

Went out for drive with guide after arriving and after seeing various antelope warthogs etc came across a herd of at least 50 plus at point blank range including lots of young. It was then we realised we had the gift – I had always wondered about those noises Emma made at night. Also to cap it all got back to room ,when a young male elephant pops out 30 yards away and casually walks past.

included lots of babies and protective mums












Emma elephant woman with guide - Can we go now??Please!!!

Up the next morning for another tour, lots of game then we came across a lone male guide, who said drive up the road so I did until he was very close – at which point he charged – they are very quick and very big!! – I shot forward a bit, he bashed a tree over easily waved a branch about then having established who was boss nibbled calmly at leaves while I took photos a few feet away. It does get the heart going I have to admit and with ears spread etc, they are very big. Back at camp having breakfast we were asked by other guides what we had seen when we said an old 1 tusked male they asked – did he charge? Then laughed when we said yes. He’s about 80 they think,but have since been told it’s unlikely this to be true, but he’s definitely the boss of the area. They then told loads of tales in French which I could not follow about the charges and scares he had caused in the past. It seemed to involve a lot of wet shorts/ trousers it seemed

Mr Grumpy who charged us

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