Bamfora to Boromo – Parc national Deux Bales

Such a pleasure driving in Burkina,with no hassle,having not been stopped once. Arrived in Bobo -Dioulasso, Burkina’s 2nd largest city,a charming place,but we got horribly lost,whilst looking for The Grande Mosquee. After many arguments and Michael doing a spot of shopping in the hardware shop, we decided to press on to Boromo to find a camping spot in The Parc National Deux Bales,typically we came across The Grande Mosquee when leaving town,so I hopped out for a few photo’s ,it is pretty impressive,built in 1893 a fine example of mud architecture with conical towers and wooden struts,which support the structure and act as scaffolding during replastering!

After getting lost once more in Boromo,two guy’s on a motorbike showed us the way to Campement Le Kaicedra- a tranquil spot on the river with plenty of birdlife and the promise of possible elephant sightings when they come to drink.

We had just set up camp,cracked open a couple of ice cold beers (from the newly working fridge) and guess what an enormously loud trumpet from what sounded a bit close for comfort, but very exciting nonetheless!The guy running the camp then approached us,to see if we wanted to go elephant spotting, so off we went, after a long walk in some serious heat, we saw three -my first ever, just across the river

I was snapping away (one day you will get to see the photo’s when we eventually get some up!)

swimming elephant

Kept on thinking I could hear them close as I lay in my tent that night,but Michael was just laughing at me.We are going out again this afternoon,so will keep you posted . These elephants are quite rare many think west african elephants will be extinct in the next 20 years so we were very lucky.

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  1. Got your email, mangos sound lush. Looks like your photography are getting pretty good. Loving the baby elephants. Love meely x

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