Korohogo to Bamfora, burkina faso

Fixed the fridge at hotel -. hero for a few minutes, set off next day everyone was more chilled as we approached border and finally got to Burkina Faso – you can see why people comment about the place, very smart welcoming officials, professional polite and good humoured – a joy. Sorted formalities very quickly including visa plus needed lesser passe as carnet not valid here – I had not noticed but customs guy pointed to fact it was not on list.Went on a mission to waterfalls, failed rear brake calliper flopping about,with both bolts missing – strange you can never undo them without huge effort. Fixed by local boys in town in few minutes no messing about.

Camping failed , ended up in posh little place ( Dilling please note!)



One thought on “Korohogo to Bamfora, burkina faso

  1. So glad things are going well. But as well as trying to send elephant photos can you send one of your good selves so we can see how the tan/beard (Mike’s) is coming along!!

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