Road to Guinea

Left early next morning very slow road dust everywhere huge ruts potholes etc crossed out of Gambia into Senegal quite easy we thought then across Senegal heading south to other border very hot as it had been for a few days – mid 40cs all day. Crossed out of Senegal and as there was a 30k strip of no mans land we decided to camp there because we were not sure how busy/ easy it would be in guinea.. Drove off road very hot so used shower thats when trouble stated bees every where so problems until dark.


Bee Camp

the river niger at Kankan

Very hot night even Brett and Mary rated it as the hottest they had encountered. Early start next morning into guinea road good to start then very windy and dusty as we climbed to central highlands very picaresque – sort of Hollywood style Africa – trees, bush, palms etc. People very laid back and welcoming. Wild camped in bush again. Strange feature is animals – cows and goats are all mini sized here.


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