Typical country side

Left town early in morning, Emily threw a major wobbly and we ended up touring various well dodgy tracks for an hour before finding a route to main road – no maps or signs to help. Road was good for a long way then changed to dirt. Nice country but loads of police stops (28 in 250 miles)we are something of a novelty as most overlanders cut this corner of Africa off and travel from Senegal to Mali then Burkina Faso. As a result loads of chat required and very slow progress. Spent the night in small family compound Camping Traditions in Basse in eastern Gambia we only just squeezed in(I altered gate and roof ladder a fair bit in process) but sorted it with hammer and help from a guy sitting by roadside – cost 1 beer in paper bag. Nice local style meal of chicken and rice. Loads of kids, goats, chickens etc

Camping Traditions








Not exceptional - we are trying tokeep a record of best/worst onesStrange termite mounds we later discovered they exist throughout the region



termite hills - strange ones we found throughought the region covering ladrge areas at times





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