Changing Plans

Photos to follow


Whilst at Sekuta (German campsite) we met Brett & Mary, a young South African couple whose blog Emma had been Stalking in the UK as they travelled up East Coast to Europe and UK before setting off home again to South Africa. They were waiting for situation in Mali to settle as it basically controls the way forward. It became apparent that things were not going to be resolved quickly which left us with a problem – no visa for Cote d’Ivoire which we now needed. They had their visa but the country does not have a good reputation – mostly historical – so we agreed to tackle that together. To find a visa we made plans to travel through Guinea – somewhere theres not a lot of info on and not visited by tourists especially the route were were planning. Luckily after a tour of Sekuta (suburb of Banjul the capital) with a taxi driver who knew less than we did it seems we got our visas in 2 hours – new record for all but at a price as we both opted for multiple entry type thinking if we crossed out to try Mali we may not get entry therefore have to return.


New route meant travelling length of Gambia through part of Senegal again and into Guinea. We have to travel to capital Conakry on the coast to try to get Cote d’Ivoire visas and meet up with them to cross into Mali/ Cote d’Ivoire depending on situation.

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