Senegal(Zebrabar) to The Gambia,

Photos to follow


We spent a wonderful 3 day’s at Zebrabar near Saint -Louis, a little piece of paradise after a long journey,palm trees ,sandy beach and even breakfast thrown in,which has to be good

Zebrabar Camp



.Met the local people,who loved having a chat and bought plenty of fruit and veg from the ladies in the market.

Saint-Louis itself was a busy vibrant place,with funky brightly coloured buses everywhere , black and yellow taxi,s,goats on leads and horse drawn carts,just great for people watching. aving had another horrendous border/ferry crossing at Rosso,this place was just what we needed.

A red billed hornbill - i think!

Left Zebrabar(rather sadly)had a long drive in 40c,passing through many different villages,got toH

Gambia border,expected this to be fairly straightforward,but once again,they tried to pull a fast one,

making out we hadn’t paid enough,when we refused to pay more they took us into a compound telling us they would search the vehicle for drugs…….Michael spun them a yarn and they finally let us go ,but by the time we got to Barra the port,we had missed the last ferry and spent the night in a rather unsavoury compound,until the early morning ferry to Banjul . The pool by the car door was from overflowing bogs – nice touch!


Finally found camp site we were looking for nice compound run by a German couple Jo & Claudia very helpful Jo has spent abnormal years in Africa wee fee and money Changing available

a red bird -not looked yet



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