Further Adventures Of Tan Tan ( without Snowy)

Left French foreign legion early in high winds – nobody told me deserts were so windy all the time.Got more and more arid went through a nice rural town called Guelmim where lots of old landys started to appear been omnipresent ever since – we are talking 1970s models and earlier invariably loaded to the max with some unusual cargoes. Another staple is the early model transit vans which have obviously have stayed the pace when rust is not an issue








Driving here is very odd as previously explained saw a women on a straight road with nothing for miles unable it appears to keep it in a straight line at about 20 miles an hour then saw a driving instructors car not only two sets of controls but two steering wheels – obviously have no faith in locals driving skills either.

Ended up at a horrible camp site at Tan Tan beach by now only us and a few legionnaires. Left as soon as we could in the morning. Been true desert from then camels – dunes endless stony plains – mirages just like the films “water water oh no its a mirage you fool! etc etc” The daft thing is we both keep commenting “its very desert like isn’t it” every few miles sort of involuntary reaction. Warning signs for camels on road which are fair enough but included one for camels and butterflies??? confused we were. Explanations please.

Camels - Emmas new obsession

Another feature is suicidal birds endless roads nothing on them yet every now and then a bird gets up and always flies into the path of the car very slowly – no idea why given all their other options but thats what happens. As a result quite a few don’t make it.

Ended up in Western Sahara before we knew it – but boy do they make sure you know it . Got pulled a total of 7 times since just before lunch including what I think must be a record twice in about 20ms literally out of one into the next then, to really make my day got pulled for speeding – a “tiny fraction over” the 40k limit ( 25mph) about 50 m from the second roadblock so 3 in 70 m -take some beating I think. The road in question was a dual carriage way with no one else on it and they set the limits it seems to suit – 300 dirhams for the privilege.
A couple of hours later we had used up all our passport copies so stopped and got 50 more printed about 5 days worth at current rate.

Anyway had a good lunch between roadblocks excellent mutton tagine salad and fresh orange juice plus local bread £10 -bargain! Diesel cheapest yet about 60p/litre – remember those days.

Desert and more desert – its a big thing we have discovered a map really gives no idea how vast. About another400kms to mauritanian border then probably another 750 plus to Senegal so perhaps we will stop commenting on the desert by then.

Desert - lots of it






Stopped for the night in a town called Boujdour on the coast – got a definitely different flavour to Moroccan towns. Had some very tasty charcoal cooked patties,stuffed into bread for tonights sups yum yum

the desert by the sea - just like slapton but bigger - much bigger

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  1. watch out for the camels,remember it runs in the family!if you hit one its bloody difficult to get the camel shit out of your ears & hair as well as bits of windshield out of scalp & arms!!