Going South

Finally left Rabat.Drove 250 miles to Essaouira,with the temperature increasing rapidly,yet still local folk in winter gear. Although it was28c
Passed through many towns and villages,it was obviously market day and very busy everywhere,including donkey carts giving way to pony carts mopeds and people. Co pilot screaming ” Michael watch, Michael ohh! ” etc ! Plenty of roadworks,but no diversion signs,so quite tricky finding your way at times.

Out in the countryside the barley fields are already going yellow and it’s only March,verges are grazed by shepherd’s with sheep,goats and cows,even on the motorways ,the livestock just seem to stay off the road. Shepherding technique involves lobbing rocks at which beast responds quickly, presume they learn the hard way
Arrived in Essaouira and found a nice peaceful campsite,very rural in the midst of an olive grove,it’s 35 c,but still no water in the pool because it’s not hot enough ! Seem to have outrun the Germans, only the French to contend with now.


All about Argan oil here - whatever that is - cooking and cosmetic I am told










Strange beast ended up in my tea

tea beast



Headed south getting more desert like as we headed for Tiznit quite hot 35c, very dusty and windy- minor sand storm thingy so no photos. Driving takes for ever as you seem to go vertically as much as horizontally. crazy roads and drivers.












Co pilot much improved with only occasional whimpering . However coaches coming at you on wrong side of road overtaking with no hope of making it gave rise to a few permissible screams. and buttock clenchings on my part. Very windy dusty -minor sand storm for a long way so no photos,also hot 35c plus

Nearly had major disaster when i nearly filled auxiliary tank with water – got away with it just as hose fell out and emms asked if it was the right one – its the heat i say!!

Stayed last night on campsite in a place called Sidi Ini very strange a gravel car park occupied by the French Foreign legion of camper vans complete with large array of garden furniture, external carpets flowers and poodles. All a bit odd like the Germans they never seem to leave their mobile homelands and just sit and bake – don’t know why they bother.

Went in search of food last night, not hopeful as it was Friday, found a bar with a sort of lock in with locals having a shifty beer – afraid of being caught we think. Chatted to waiter in my best Franglais which gets more confused by the day and managed to get couscous lamb stew with root veggies absolutely the businees and about £10 inc 3 beers enough on each plate to feed 4 or 5 people .


Now off to border with former spanish/ Western Sahara – occupied buy Morocco. Large berm fortification made to keep locals out, so we go down the coast




4 thoughts on “Going South

  1. love the tea beast!! also, landy looks way better equiped than when i last saw it!! looks awesome, big love xxx

  2. All sounds amazing
    Hot for March here been in garden all day would much rather going on an adventure……
    Keep the diary up really fun to see how you are getting on xx

  3. What an adventure you guys are on. I know how hairy the roads are, and they hurtle along at great speed. Hope the French and Germans keep you entertained!! Fiona xx