rabat visas etc

In order to obtain our Mauritanian visas,we are currently staying on a very basic site,just outside Rabat,apparently these will take a couple of day’s to be issued, before we can set off again.
The drive from Tangiers was very interesting,being mainly good productive agricultural land,which was green and lush with plentiful crops and livestock.
On arrival in Rabat,we were confronted by some crazy driving, free for all roundabouts plenty of police blocks and although they didn’t stop us , were giving the locals a fair bit of grief.
Day’s have been constantly sunny with lovely blue skies,but the nights are very cold,but it’s snuggly and warm in our roof-tent !
The Blue beast is performing well, a leaky oil seal was noted, though by Mike the mechanic,who promptly fixed this,along with a new wheel bearing for good measure!(I bet you think he’s reciting this to me….well he’s not actually!)Anyway all was fixed in two ticks,which infact turned out to be four hours!
lots of egrets never knew they were so common and packs of dogs fighting all night makes usual med country howling dogs seem quiet
fingers crossed for visas


4 thoughts on “rabat visas etc

  1. Soooooo exciting loving the thought of you guys in the roof tent, hope all goes well on visas, nothing to report on Shergar or otherwise!!! loads of love thinking of you xxxxxx

    • hi
      weird shit going on here i tried to put stuff in an e mail about the old bill heavy goings on everythings being blocked since then.

      we are at a camp site with a full legion of german sunworshipers in camper vans this time not tanks who are going to take Casablance by storm later then move another 100k south they proudly anounced. much forced germanic laughter ha….ha… ha..!

      greeted this morning with “morning english persons i am going on shit run ha…ha..ha.”
      at which Emma nearly wet herself

      strange chaps


  2. Good luck with getting all the visas. Always a nightmare for the intrepid traveller! Glad to hear you’ve made it to Africa with no serious problems. Long may the good progress continue. I’m writing from Copenhagen – quite sweaty going. Love x