Rabat Visa etc

In order to obtain our Mauritanian visas,we are currently staying on a very basic site,just outside Rabat,apparently these will take a couple of day’s to be issued, before we can set off again.
The drive from Tangiers was very interesting,being mainly good productive agricultural land,which was green and lush with plentiful crops and livestock.
On arrival in Rabat,we were confronted by some crazy driving, free for all roundabouts where might is right so we are OK, plenty of police blocks and although they didn’t stop us , were giving the locals a fair bit of grief. They clearly want to keep them in their place every town has at least 2 roadblocks on way in and again on way outout plus traffic cops and occasional military not forgetting the heavy mob Securete plain cloths mean looking boys. wondered why well known web site search engine does not workdont work apprently banned since 2006 to stop locales knowing whats going on. i thought it was a nice place!!
Day’s have been constantly sunny with lovely blue skies,but the nights are very cold,but it’s snuggly and warm in our roof-tent !
The Blue beast is performing well, a leaky oil seal was noted by Mike the mechanic,who promptly fixed this,along with a new wheel bearing for good measure!(I bet you think he’s reciting this to me….well he’s not actually!)Anyway all was fixed in two ticks,which infact turned out to be four hours!

Did the Mauritanian bit this morning official forms a bit daunting but got there with help in the end.

hopefully we can pick it up tomorrow PM and move on Everybody on the grotty campsite doing the same a load of Welshys taking various vehicles out to Gambia for childrens charity left today.
Nights are noisey no t the howling dogs of the med countries but it seems big packs roaming around having full on fights all night.
As to Mikes spottings basically its just white egrets – (little sort mostley with a few cattle0 everywhere never knew they were so common

Fingers crossed for visas – bound to have done something wrong

M & Em courtesy of Macdonalds – Everywhere it seems.

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