Africa at Last

Got the ferry from Tafira ( S Spain) well almost bought tickets but landy did not fit so Emma went off for refund and ticket for ANO ferry but got wrong side of police checkpoint and they didn’t want to let her back – got there in the end.
Confusion in Tanger customs lots of shouting and discussions about pistols, CS gas etc thats all they care about it seems.
Spivs/ touts everywhere. Also police checkpoints and radar traps – their new sport it seems ( we were warned so far so good) All locals clearly regard it as freezing – probably 23c and wearing cray star wars type long hoodies – i like but Emmas not that impressed says my fashion(??) sense is is bad enough. Ladies wera sombrero type hats with fancy edges.
Donkey riding, side sadlle while drumming your heels on its ribs seems standard method of transport. All very green crops well advanced compared to UK 3 months ahead i reckon.

Time for supper – staying at a site about 100ks from Rabat where we spend next few days doing rounds for visas. Your usal correspondant will return tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Africa at Last

  1. Well done – the first steps !!!! – I read an interesting travel article on the plane yesterday -written by two young people who have just driven 18000 miles around Africa in a vehicle identical to yours – they said that contrary to all their fears the biggest problem wasn’t the corrupt border guards – the poisonous creatures – or the general insanity of Africa but just actually spending 18000 miles in the cab of a land rover with your partner !!!!! – consequently having been fore warned i do not expect to see photos posted Emma of your ” Landy ” being driven now by a an athletic young African rather than Mike – especially as the good man treated you to a B and B in Bordeaux !!!! – happy to see he was listening that last night although the curry the next night does seem an immediate drop in standards !!!! – Bon Voyage – Peter xx