Last night in Devon

Tonight will be our last night in Devon! We are all packed up and ready to set sail tomorrow. surprisingly, all our kit fitted into the beast quite easily. It’s been such a gorgeous, warm and sunny day here,that I’m almost quite tempted to stay !
We had wonderful farewell dinner with some friends yesterday, who fed us so well, that we won’t need to eat for quite some time ………which is just as well really, because….
I would just like to mention we are not the only members of our family to be heading for adventure. Meely and her boyfriend are spending a few months driving around Europe,leaving next month and my nephew set off last week to cycle around the world,raising money for Unicef,on his own, so really Good luck to you William and who knows, maybe we shall meet up somewhere, someday !!

8 thoughts on “Last night in Devon

  1. Have a safe journey through Europe. Look forward to hearing the updates very soon, lots of love, Tommy xx

  2. Mike and Emma
    Sad to see you go as Malawi is a long way to go for that Easter break…good luck, stay safe and look forward to following the escapades…

  3. Can’t believe your departure day has finally arrived. You will have so many stories to tell. Look forward to hearing them! XXXX

  4. You have been in our thoughts a lot, especially today, as we know this is the day you set off for your adventure of a lifetime. Looking forward to following your journey…I hope that Africa creeps under your skin as it is a wonderful country and has a certain feel about it that is hard to describe. Travel safely guys. Pete and Fi xxx

  5. Emma and Michael,
    I’ve been thinking of you lots while I’ve been on the bike (there’s not all that much to do while pedalling) and wishing you the best of luck. Have the most fantastic time and keep us all updated. I will be reading whenever I get access to the internet. I’ll also be mentioning you on my website very soon.

    Loads of love, and thinking of you,
    Will x

  6. Hello Rutter’s!
    Where the devil are you?!? You can’t have left email contact yet…
    Hope all’s going well, although I did hear that navigation on the Saturday night before you left Blighty was a bit of an issue…you were told to turn left for your bedroom and what did you do…turn right!! So based on that information you’re probably nearing Afghanistan as I write…
    The Maltsters is still shut so maybe joining you soon…
    Lots of love Tim & Clare x

  7. Have to laugh at the comments….everyone is impatient to hear what you are up to and expect a daily update, that the internet for you. You seem to be going along very nicely. Look forward to the next update. We will try not to check every day for that ;))) Pete and Fi xx