Homeless !

We are now officially homeless,having rented out the house. Very kindly a friend has loaned us a lovely holiday cottage to see us through until our departure in less than three weeks.
Had our final jabs and collected anti malarials,a last haircut too, my hairdresser thinks we are barking mad doing what we are doing ,she’s probably right and I have to confess to some rather strange behaviour, including putting Bulgar wheat in the sugar bowl(it does look like brown sugar) Michael thought his cereal wasn’t getting any sweeter and continued to spoon it on, until realising it was floating on the top! How will we cope I ask?
Plenty to do still,we seem to have bought the entire contents of Michaels office with us and I’m sure it still will be until the day we depart !

2 thoughts on “Homeless !

  1. Sounds like you are all ready for the off. I will keep checking your site to see how you are getting on. Thank you in advance for the kind donations from friends. I am going to malawi 7th April for 2 weeks.

    Safe journey x

    • Hi
      We have a load of other stuff as well donated by various people, will liase when we get closer

      Mike & Emma.