Queen Elizebeth NP

 We headed north spent the night in Agip motel camp – not recommended if you like sleeping, with noise from roads, discos,dogs and parties continuing all night long. Emma slept like a baby as she was knackered ….. I did not!!

 Left next morning for Queen Elizabeth NP – camped at Jacana camp in the park, saw red tailed and black and white colubus monkeys who kept us entertained.


Did a tour of the loops in the afternoon and saw the Uganda kob – lots &lots – they are a bit like Puku, but only live here.

Ugandan Kob

Ugandan Kob

Many other beasts as well but as we are spoilt in this regard we just trundled round. Main road through the park is pot holed tar so back to swerving like a drunken looney again something I have not done since West Africa – pleased to find the old skills still there! Equatorial Africa found us a few local only specials of birds as there are throughout Uganda – bird people would love it here as many are really West African species living here at the Eastern extreme of the tropical rainforest, with that covered.


Rainforest camping is certainly different…. i.e. Wet!! Uganda is so green and lush after the more Southern countries its hard to describe, everything just grows like crazy, but our tent is starting to smell like a hamster’s cage and bedding constantly damp.


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