Currently residing outside Mwanza on Lake Victoria to sort out suspension on the beast. Has not done too badly considering the 70,000k on dreadful roads,although we were hoping it would have waited until Nairobi before a bit of a re-fit as spare parts are obviously more readily avaliable there.

Have set up camp on the beach at Tunza Lodge, a very cool place, run by a nice South African called Jan,whose being very helpful regarding the car, plus he enjoys a beer for breakfast, so can’t be bad! Mainly frequented by local Tanzanians coming out of town to chill on the beach.The Lake is lovely and warm, so we shall be in for a dip shortly,water a few paces away from the car.

Need to fix new shocks first. Weather warm to hot, but loud rumbles every afternoon indicate we wont be dry for much longer!

Ended up staying at Tunza Lodge for four days. We met and spent some time with Russell and Paul, steel men from South Africa, on business, Jacques, who cooked up a great brai for lunch, before drinks at The Yacht club to watch the rugby. Strangely his girlfriend, Vicky, turned out to be a family friend of The Foot family in Devon, who were founders of the Nyika/Vwaza Trust.


The following day,whilst having a drink on the beach, a couple from New Zealand, Liz and Chris who we had been in touch with, via a couple of brief e-mails and related to our friend Richard,whose been looking after our garden at home,turned up. No-one was more surprised than us to hear “The Rutters I presume” on the shores of Lake Victoria, it is a small world after all!



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