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Left next morning on the very, very corrugated road.

Normal method is 50k/hr whereby you only hit one lump in so many, downside is you are largely airbourne so braking & streering is a bit difficult with rear end fish tailing both ways. Trouble was knackered bushes on offside front, meant only one damper/shock and eventualy that leaked oil so with a lot of banging we limped towards Serengeti gate and Seronera main area. About 150k – not pleasant, except for the stunning views coming down from the crater rim, the plains extending as far as the eye could see. Plenty of Masai to admire in their brightly coloured cloaks and blankets, grazing their cattle and waving as we passed by.

big boys - there were 3

big boys – there were 3

We saw 3 male lions just before gate plus others (9 in total) all blond maned and extremely large, beefy, beasts. Plenty of other stuff too, Topi, Cokes Heartebeeste, kirks dik dik (tiny antelope) Bohor reedbuck, lots of Thompsons and Grants gazelles and wildebeeste ( millions literally) all as seen on TV but weird to be here, amongst it all.

Bohor Reedbuck - male -

Bohor Reedbuck – male –

Bohor reed buck female

Bohor reed buck female

more dik dik

more dik dik


Camped in another basic site($60) no choice unless you pay $100 minimum for a fancy lodge,so left next morning for a slow drive along western corridor and Grumeti river, because of the rains, this meant the migration has returned

.Shocking road again but improved after a while thankfully. More lions and we counted at least 10 fresh kills with owners absent but vultures very happy.

Landscape varied as rains have just started, so quite green in places but towards western end there were huge numbers of Wildebeest everywhere and bones littering the ground.

On way out, we had to make a detour, as an overturned Safari vehicle was blocking the road. Some poor tourists holiday of a lifetime had gone horribly wrong……mainly down to bad driving, these vehicles fly past at a crazy speed,chucking up the dust, so that you can’t see anything even if you want to. The drivers are supposed to be fined for speeding, but clearly this isn’t enforced, too much money to lose I think.


We had a fantastic time and it wasn’t as busy as we’d been expecting but due to the harsh corrugated roads, it’s the easiest way to bugger up your vehicle, costing you serious money for the privilage.I too have suffered,developing a horrible tooth and jaw ache,which I put down to clenching my teeth together from the constant vibration, it’s certainly been a bone rattling last few days!

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