Was bigger and busier than we’d expected, with some of the worst driving we’ve experienced on our entire trip so far. Had a small altercation with a taxi driver,who pulled out into our path and then accused us of scratching his bus, when in fact he had clipped our wing mirror. This was a battle he was not going to win, we drove off as the traffic gained speed , he jumped on to the Landy on my side and we carried on until being stopped by a policewoman, with the guy still hanging on to our vehicle. Fortunately she was one of the more sensible variety and sent him on his way,warning us to be careful. Some of them are so inconsiderate, rude and just bloody dangerous…….and don’t get me started on the Safari vehicles!!

Having witnessed a couple of minor pile-ups,we found our way to Masai Camp on the outskirts of town, a well run and clean place with a promise of excellent pizza’s which indeed they were. These accompanied the local entertainment night, singing, dancing and acrobatics, which was actually very good, but we headed for bed early, although late for us (11:00 pm) and let the dancing continue until the very early hours next day(I know because I heard it)

The beast went into the garage next day, whilst we pigged out on some delicious food we hadn’t had in a while, steak sandwichs and salad Nicoise… all rather yummy! Problem is our stomachs seem unable to cope with rich food anymore and I, in particular have been suffering ever since!

Shoprite too was a magical experience and we’ve stocked up on butter, cheese, chocolate and red wine…..the finer things in life!

Off to Karatu, fully laden with fuel, water etc, stopped off for the night and our first hot shower in an age at Kudu Camp, before entering The Ngorongoro Consevation area tomorrow.

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