TANZANIA – Tanrangire NP


After a good nights sleep we hit the road again, bound for Tarangire, cross country,still plenty of roadworks,but after Kondoa and on to Babati, things became very scenic,clearly very fertile land with plenty of farmers tending their crops, Goats and Donkey’s, very green after the last few days dust and dryness. The last few km pristine tar of course.

Trying to get an early night, when drunken Massai night watch-man kept dribbling on, Michael sent him away,though he did come back a couple of times for repeat performance(and conversation)

Tarangire NP

We followed the river, plenty of animals in huge numbers. Supposed to be many predators, but although we’d seen a lioness by 8:30 am we didn’t see anything else for the rest of the day, a beautiful place once again,lots more vehicles though, all safari tours, this is the safari circuit, so we have to grit our teeth, we’ve been far too spoilt having had everywhere to ourselves much of the time. Still no other overlanders in sight but that might change shortly.

Camping on top of the Rift valley escarpment, overlooking Lake Manyara- all rather splendid really……..well the view that is!!

Keeping our options open on Sudan and Egypt, but too soon to tell right now and got to get visa’s for Ethiopia and Sudan in Nairobi.

Visiting Lake Manyara tomorrow, then to Arusha for some Mzungu time!

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