Tanzania – Mbeya to Mikumi NP

So a few day’s have passed, the beast had a new clutch fitted in Mbeya and off we went to Iringa.


Travelled the Tanzam highway, very busy with huge lorries and buses going at an alarming speed, downhill and at a snails pace up the mountains. Why is it that we, going at a reasonable speed always get pulled , the first policeman was very nice and let us off, as we’d only been in Tanzania a couple of day’s. The second one fined us TSH 30,000 (£15) and the third stopped us, looked in the landy and ticked Michael off for wearing slippers (flip-flops) everyone else,whose driving it must be said, is quite appalling seems to get away with it. Police checkpoints about every 10 k and a pain in the neck.


Motorbikes and Tuk-Tuks more popular here, especially as taxi’s, rather than bicycles, but the few bikes we have seen , have fringes and tassels on their saddles, rather than all the bling they had in Malawi.


After a night spent just outside Iringa,which we soon found was a lovely town, very busy and vibrant with a fantastic fruit and veg market, needless to say, I came out laden with sacks of Mangoes, Passion fruit, Oranges and Paw paw’s and all sorts of veggies too. Very cheap, which is nice as everything else, is so expensive compared with other countries we’ve visited.


Stocked up with goodies in the only supermarket we could find in the whole town and headed off to Mikumi NP , stayed at very strange camp-site called Tan- Swiss near the gate. I did loads of washing and then the heavens opened, so we rigged up a washing line in the back seat of the landy where it’s been hanging out to dry ever since!


After a fruit salad breakfast at 5:00 am we went into the park. Crazy prices $100 for us and the landy for the day, to camp in the park would be another $60 so we decided to camp elsewhere.


The park itself was very attractive, mainly grassland,so easy to spot animals. Unfortunately the rainy season seems to have come early and the roads where in a bad way,this made things very tiring for my driver, who coped with the deep mud admirably(I have to say this as I wont do it) but it did hamper our ability to spot the wildlife as we were too busy concentrating on staying on the road, rather than spotting beasts.


However we did see many things including Elephants wallowing in the mud, a Jackal chasing a baby Impala, but lost sight of them as they sped off into the distance. Plenty of beautiful Giraffe, with really unusual markings, and a herd of about 200 buffalo.


When we came out, the landy was the filthiest I’ve ever seen it, caked all over in dried mud……but at least my washing had dried on the inside!

Photos in albums seem weird to us – web software ishaving a bit of a funny turn so posting again below

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