As we are going to be here some time the blog is likely to be a commentary on goings on so we thought it might be useful to list the main players so far. so many people to meet remember names of etc its going  to be a slow process!!

A quick note on who’s who at Nyika

Nellie works in the house cooking, cleaning, looking after fires etc

Knox does accounts for NVT working in the house at the moment until we get the batteries solar panels etc at which point we will work from the main office about half a mile away.

Sam Banda works on the world bank project, an engineer but acts like a building surveyor he and Michael are quite similar in many respects

Patson Simkoko is the park manager at Chelinda – effectivly controls all local matters

Peter Waddi is Pastons boss based at the main park office at Thazima (near park Entrance about 2 hours away on the way to Mzuzu

Blessings looks after stores, welfare of the workers, keeps log of hours worked etc and does pay with Emma.Also in charge of the controlled burns

Yobe and Joseph are the 2 drivers, who also sort out other stuff.

Baxter is the mechanic, in charge of Joseph& Yobe he also drives the tractor/ grader for road works

Alvin is the foreman in charge of one of the work gangs

The others we will fill in later as we get to meet/remember!!! who does what.


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