Northern Namibia, Caprivi Strip into Chobe Park Botswana

Chobe National Park

Spent the night in Katima- North Caprivi strip by the Zambezi, with Hippo’s as sleeping companions….very nice. Next morning headed south ,into Botswana and straight into Chobe,in the next 15 minutes saw more game than you can imagine,big herds of Buffalo,Roan,and lots, lots more

Don’t even think about it sonny

very sandy track along North bank of river to campsite,booked in, very wild ,no fences here ,a few well spaced plots,evicted Giraffes from ours and went on afternoon drive,only managed 4 km because there’s so much to see. Huge herds of everything,Elephant in particular, with some crossing just in front of us. Birds,Stoats, Monkeys, Antelope galore,this place is just ridiculous!!!

Its a baby – ahhhh!

Finished the afternoon watching a male Lion digesting a few feet from our camp, so hopefully we shall be safe tonight!

After dinner

Returned to base to find a couple of hundred Impala 30 meters away taking no notice, Hippo’s grunting in the distance and monkey’s in the trees above…..David Attenborough& BBC eat your heart out !


Chobe 2


Nice little breakfast overlooking the Chobe flood plain All sorts of grunts, growls, howls roars trumpets throughout the night – I have told emma about her sleeptalking before.


Emma refused to go to the loo- coward! I was brave and manly – well as close as the nearby bush anyway.


Took a slow drive to Kasane nearest town along river valley edge saw Roan Antelope, lots of Sable Antelope, Waterbuck and more hippo, elephants giraffe, buffalo, kudu, implala etc than you could count – it really is fantastic, its what the park is famed for at this time of year but you still don’t realise that it actually exists for real – if you get my drift. One elephant herd must have numbered getting on for a thousand. Another walked calmly past our landy inc young ones very close – hope to get Piccies up soon also maybe little video – So sweet I am told!


Sable Antelope


Left the park in a site near kasane trying to do admin before Zambia. Hoping internet works so we can update photos as well. I think coms in Zambia are not good but will try to get skype lined up for 4th see text I sent as to connection etc.


Lilac breasted roller – common as muck here

Southern Ground Hornbills – huge and rare we are told about size of a turkey

Windhoek to Caprivi

Then headed north to Caprivi strip aiming for Chobe NP in Botswana. , 5 countries meet a the end so all a bit confusing. Loads of big rivers.

Dropped in at Cheetah consevation trust lovely to see them so close

cheetah sanctuary

Stayed at a well known campsite Ngepi, on banks of Okavango river – hippos to lull you to sleep, Emm says I sound quite like them.

Ngepi elephants on opposite bank hippos in between tricky to photograph

Us posing

Drove length of Caprivi through National park spent night in Katima Mulilo again hippos for company and Zambia across Zambezi river – huge even this far from the east coast. Hopefully Chobe reserve tomorrow for a few days before Zambia and Malawi for quick visit.

So will not be heard of for a while we think no idea what to expect really – go past Victoria Falls on the way so may get quick update in there.