Homeless !

We are now officially homeless,having rented out the house. Very kindly a friend has loaned us a lovely holiday cottage to see us through until our departure in less than three weeks.
Had our final jabs and collected anti malarials,a last haircut too, my hairdresser thinks we are barking mad doing what we are doing ,she’s probably right and I have to confess to some rather strange behaviour, including putting Bulgar wheat in the sugar bowl(it does look like brown sugar) Michael thought his cereal wasn’t getting any sweeter and continued to spoon it on, until realising it was floating on the top! How will we cope I ask?
Plenty to do still,we seem to have bought the entire contents of Michaels office with us and I’m sure it still will be until the day we depart !

Thankyou’s !

What a lovely day spent in Wiltshire. so nice to see everyone and a huge thankyou to all your generous donations of clothes,games,books etc,there’s some really fantastic stuff that will bring a huge amount of pleasure to lots of people. we will report back on the response at a later date.
A big thanks too,to Mum who provided yummy tea and cake (like we really needed it after lunch at the Bear Hotel) to be followed by more food and plenty of wine at Flo’s !!……thanks all

Wiltshire bound

We are heading to Wiltshire for some fond farewells this weekend.I hope I don’t get too emotional, but really looking forward to seeing everyone.
Plagued by colds these past few days, cleaning ovens,fireplaces and windows has not been alot of fun,although we’ve had our friend Suzie giving us a helping hand,which has been much appreciated.
Still got alot of modern technology to get our heads around before departure,but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually. (especially when the younger generation aren’t around to help us any more!)

Back from Oz

Very excited about Laura’s return from Australia today. She’ll be arrivng home to roast chicken (her request) if I can find my roasting tin amid the chaos!
I’m not sure how I’m going to manage in Africa without my gorgeous girls,got to keep the pressure on Michael and fly them out at Christmas.
Booked the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff,so first leg of the journey sorted . March 12th is D-day !

Brrrrrr !

A minor incident involving Meely, my car and a sheet of ice ,early this morning, stopped play for a while ,luckily, she is fine,but had a nasty shock all the same. The Blue beast was summoned,to winch the car off a leafy bank, unfortunately,the winch failed to perform (apparently the mechanics fault for doing or not doing something correctly,of course !) However,they got her out of the mess in the end,with only minor injury to the car.
Michael is getting in a grump,waiting for the spares to arrive.
My iron died today…..good timing I say !