Panic setting in

With only two weeks to go until we have to move out of our house,the list of jobs are endless. Fencing off the pond was on the menu as it was such a beautiful day, today and the new tennants have very young children.

Next big job is actual packing of boxes and detailed indexing of contents, so we know where things are (in theory at least !)



Okay,so we really should get this blog on the road !
Things are progressing at a significant rate.We have found a family to rent our house out whilst we are away,they want to be in on the 16th Feb,which is just under three weeks,so we are currently surrounded by packing boxes and dealing with all the important stuff that goes with being a landlord !
The Blue beast has just returned from the garage,having had a bit of a nip and tuck- infact crank oil seal leaking into timing cover, new brake pipes,remaining polybushes and MOT, so is in fighting form for the long journey ahead !
All that remains to do is to fit the Wolf wheels/tyres and locks. Strangly it appeared the normal modification carried out to 300tdi engines to prevent timing belt issues which was a problem in the early days had not been carried. I know from service records that the timing belt has supposedly been replaced in the past so somebody has not done their job very well or even at all.